Basic Chemicals

We work with major manufacturers and traders of raw materials (sulfuric acid, caustic soda, nitric acid, etc. etc.)

Specific formulations for surface treatment of metals

We are partners with the world’s leading manufacturers of specific products and formulations. In addition, our technical department has studied products to always obtain the best result in terms of finish on various surfaces (Aluminum, Iron, Steel) especially suitable for anodizing, galvanic oxidation and painting.

Laboratory Products & Reagents

We provide laboratory reagents for analysis, various glassware and specific instrumentation for any use.

mascherature varie

We provide all possible masking such as caps, tapes and adhesive films. We can provide both standard and custom products, made to order for the individual customer. Click here to download pur catalog.

Screws and Bolts

We offer screws and bolts of any size both in titanium and aluminum. 

Hooking Equipment

We can offer both standard and custom couplings: discs, bimetallic rods, posts, frames, 2C collars, clamps and much more.

Pliers & Clamps

We have a wide range of plastic clamps and grips

Spare parts for plant

Thanks to our partnership with major manufacturers, we can offer all the spare parts you need for your metal surface treatment equipment

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